5 Tips to Book Your Golf Travel at The Right Time

5 Tips to Book Your Golf Travel at The Right Time

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We know that booking online is not an issue at the time. However, there are mistakes that we continue making, despite the experience we have now. That’s why Smart Golf Barcelona wants to share with you 5 tips that will help you to make your reservation at the right time.

As well as a conventional vacation, your golf travel should be planned so when the time comes, they will be enjoyed to the fullest; whether in the company of your partner, your friends, family, or why not, being adventurous and travel alone.

Smart Golf Barcelona is a local golf travel agency with a booking website, native from Barcelona, that provides unique golf packages by designing different experiences, combining golf, leisure, culture and exclusiveness. Our purpose is to reinvent the golf travel market, offering the possibility of playing in first-rate golf courses, while visiting Barcelona.

So, do not miss our tips, just below!

1. Determine The Season In Which You Want to Travel.

Have you decided if you’re traveling at the high or the low season? Well, if you would like to make your golf trip during the months of April, May, September or October, we have to warn you by let you know that those are the months of the highest demand. We recommend you to make your reservation up to 5 months in advance. On the contrary, if you want to make your golf trip during the months that we didn’t mention, do not worry, with a reservation of 40 days in advance, it will be more than enough.

2. Determine How Many Days You Will Be Traveling.

We know you are a busy person, that is why we advise you to immediately determine how many days you can go on vacation, so you can contemplate when to make your reservation. Depending on how many days you’re planning to stay in Barcelona, we could recommend you which experience fits you the most. In any case, personalizing an experience is also a great possibility.

3. Will You Go Alone or Accompanied?

The ideal experience for someone who is accompanied by his/her partner can be very different from the experience we could offer to someone traveling with his/her friends, or with his/her family. That is the reason why we design experiences according to the tastes of our customers. There are some who prefer to enjoy the history of Barcelona, ​​others its contemporary culture and gastronomy; while others, go for its beaches, its views and its parties.

It doesn’t matter if you come alone or accompanied; let us know your tastes and preferences and we will design the best golf travel experience in Barcelona for you.

4. Keep In Mind The Dates of Your Trip.

Remember to keep in mind the dates of your flights, as they must match with the days of your arrival and departure from the hotel. And also because only in this way we can coordinate your private luxury transport.

5. Book Online & Practice The Early Booking.

Take advantages of the promotions and discounts that the airlines and us can offer you if you book online in advance.

If you book in advance with us, you will take profit of the Early Booking that hotels offer… up to 15% of the total reservation. And just because we are a fair-trade business, we do publish our prices with these discounts.

We have the commitment to offer you the best that is available, but do not forget that when you book in advance, there is no problem making a reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant or at the golf course of your dreams. But if we are on time, we can’t always guarantee that you will have the best hotel room with the best views, the best table at the restaurant where you want to eat or the availability of the golf course where you want to play.

If you make your booking with anticipation, we will please you better.


Feel comfortable to contact us if you have any question. We will gladly assist you.

Make the most out of your holiday time. Book now!

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