Best Time of The Year to Play Golf In Barcelona

Best Time of The Year to Play Golf In Barcelona

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The best time to play golf depends on the conditions that you like the most while playing. For example, golfers who really enjoy playing during summer should know that Barcelona is the best destination in Spain to play during this season, because it’s not the hottest place like it is Andalusia; it’s not the driest like it is Murcia, and also it’s not the wettest, because that one is Galicia. In fact, Barcelona’s summer is warm, being August the warmest month of the season with an average temperature of 24°C.

Smart Golf Barcelona is a golf travel agency that wants you to choose the best time to visit the amazing city of Barcelona, in order for you to enjoy to the fullest your golf travel. So this is the reason why we wrote this article, so you can decide when it would be the best time to book your next golf escape with us.

Barcelona has the Mediterranean kind of weather, which means it has generally a temperate and mild temperature. The winter is usually gentle and somewhat rainy, while the summer tends to be dry and hot and finally variable climates during autumn and spring, seasons where the rains do not usually abound. Its daily thermal temperature oscillates between 8°C, with an average annual temperature of 16°C, being higher temperatures in the city and lower in the mountainous areas due to the altitude.

For those who love keep on playing during winter, but not at the UK or Ireland’s winter, let us also tell you that Barcelona offers temperatures that are merely mild, which of course mean that’s warmer.

During winter, the average temperature is 9°C in January, being this the coldest month. It hardly snows, and if it happens, it happens only on the highest and mountainous areas.

For Catalans, the arrival of winter in Barcelona means happiness, it gives them joy to know that the number of tourists has decreased, that their streets will be illuminated with Christmas lights and that their city will become more charming and welcoming, so it is a highly recommended time to come and enjoy the offer of the city.

For those who enjoy a cool weather, we have to say that the late September and the early October would be probably the best time for you to come. During these days, the weather is that one that you can call the comfortable weather for golf because balls seem to spin less and stay on line.

Although it is our duty to announce you that most golfers prefer autumn to play, and not just because of its beautiful colors, but because courses look less crowded and they are at their best at that time.

Remember that if you book in advance, you will take profit of our early booking benefits and of course you will give us the chance to please you better.

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