7 Benefits of Traveling and Golfing Abroad

7 Benefits of Traveling and Golfing Abroad

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Smart Golf Barcelona is a local agency that designs golf packages that combine golf with the best entertainment and culture of Barcelona. So who better than us to write about the benefits that golfers acquire when they combine their two favorite passions, traveling and playing golf.

1. Travel with a new purpose

People are becoming fans of traveling, discovering and seeing the world with their own eyes, which we think is an excellent idea. But, what about traveling with a different purpose thanks to golf? Without a doubt, it sounds interesting and very attractive. There are many landscapes to see, it is not the same to play near the Caribbean, that near the Mediterranean. The climates differ and also the conditions of the golf courses, which actually makes the experience sounds tempting and seductive because every single trip would represent a different and unique experience.

2. Play at different golf courses

What a better way to train and improve than playing in different golf courses by all around the world. Let’s play in Portugal, Italy, or better yet, at PGA Catalunya, considered the best golf course in Spain, according to top100golfcourses.com. In fact, this golf course is located in Barcelona and is one of the courses we’re including in our golf vacation packages.

If you want to know all of the golf courses where you can play in Barcelona, click here.

3. Discover new golf cultures

We are sure that not everybody do follow the same guidelines when it comes to golf. We mean, playing golf in Europe could be different than playing it in Asia, just like their traditions and customs differ in each country, so why do ways of playing and practicing golf couldn’t. The etiquette may be similar everywhere, but the players may not.

4. Meet golf mates from all over the world

Trips are made to be enjoyed, whether you travel accompanied by your golf mates, your family, but also why not, alone. Traveling to other countries is an adventure, so imagine what it would be like to play with local players, or with players from other countries with the same passion as you.

5. Enjoy your golf escape as a tourist

Besides playing at different golf courses, you will be exposed to different cultures, to their riches and their pleasures. In the particular case of Barcelona, to their incredible attractions, for example, these we mention here.

6. Go shopping

Golfing abroad have the advantage of going shopping and finding what you have always wanted to acquire for you. You can take advantage to buy products from local brands, or clothing and accessories of the most exclusive brands that can only be bought in certain principal cities.

7. Turn your hobby into something more

Turning a hobby into a passion could mean that you will be really compromised on doing it better. It will mean that you care.

Our golf vacation packages are designed to provide a high level of satisfaction to all our customers.

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